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The Mentoring Committee would like to remind everyone to nominate those who have done an exceptional job of mentoring in the last year so that they can be considered for the Howarth Award.  Nominations or questions can go to chair Leanne Bablitz at


The AAH Committee on Mentoring is committed to providing opportunities for members to participate in mentoring relationships to support career development and academic growth.


To that end, the committee has created two applications: one for potential mentors and one for potential mentees. We encourage anyone who is interested in serving as a mentor or a mentee in either a traditional (matching early career scholars with those in later stages of their careers) or co-mentoring relationship (matching those in similar stages of their careers in a more reciprocal relationship) to complete the appropriate application. (If you are interested in a co-mentoring relationship, please fill out both applications.) With the responses received, the committee will match appropriate mentors and mentees as closely to the desired qualifications as possible.


The program coordinators envision that these mentoring relationships will entail a rather minimal time commitment, with regular contact every 6-8 weeks (to be dictated by the needs of the mentee). While not required, we are hopeful that it will be possible for many of these pairs to meet in person at the annual meeting. It is our goal that the introduction of a mentoring program will assist in creating new relationships and continuing to promote a congenial atmosphere within the field. 


Mentor/mentee pairings are made every June. Please find the current forms via the links below. The deadline for submission of forms in the last day of May. If you have needs that are time-sensitive, or if you have any other questions about the AAH Mentoring Program, please contact Leanne Bablitz at and/or


Mentor Application


Mentee Application



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