AAH Roll of Committees and Working Groups


Diversity Committee (2 positions available)

Zach Herz (Chair) (2022-2025)

Karl Baughman (2023-2026)

Todd Caissie (2021-2025)

Katie de Boer (2021-2025)

Dominic Machado (2021-2024)

Anise Strong-Morse (2021-2025)
Georgia Tsouvala (ex-officio)


Committee on Professional Conduct (5 year term; 1 position available)


C. Denver Graninger (Chair (2022-2027)

Bret Devereaux (2022-2027)
Leanne Bablitz (2024-2029)
Jeremy LaBuff (2022-2027)

Jinyu Liu (2024-2029)

Georgia Tsouvala (ex-officio)



Mentorship Committe


Leanne Bablitz (Chair)  (2021-2024)

Aaron Hershkowitz (2020-2024)
Kat Huemoeller (2020-2024)
Deidre Klokow (2021-2025) 


Publications Committee (2 positions available for 2023-2026)

David Ratzan (chair) (2018-2025)

Sulochana Asirvatham (2021-2025)
Serena Conolly (2021-2024)
Antonio Crisa (2021-2023)

Danielle Kellogg (2014-2023)
John W. I. Lee (2021-2025)
Matthew Perry (2017-2023)
Philip Smith (2021-2025)
Georgia Tsouvala (ex officio)
Scott Perry (ex officio)


Subvention Grants Committee (1+ positions available)


Casey Stark (Chair 2020-2024)
Christopher Fuhrmann (2022-2026)

John Hyland (2020-2024)

Stephen O'Connor (2023-2027)
Carrie Sulosky Weaver (2021-2025)

Scott Perry (ex officio)

Georgia Tsouvala (ex officio) 


Social Media and Technology Committee (1 position available)


Pat Dintrone (Chair) 

Tessa Little

Heather Rosemarin (2022-2026)

Mali Skotheim

Richard Tuttle

Georgia Tsouvala (ex officio)



Committee on Teaching (ad hoc) (1 position available:senior scholar from PhD granting institution)

Eliza Gettel (Chair 2019-2025) teaching@associationofancienthistorians.org

Vanessa Gorman (2022-2026)

Joseph  Frechette (2019-2023)

Jenna Rice (2019-2024)

Kevin Westerfeld (2023-2027)

Conference Advisory Group (informal, ad hoc)

Denise Demetriou (2022 UC San Diego)

Antony Augoustakis (2021 UIUC)

Sarah Bond and Rosemary Moore (University of Iowa 2020)

Cindy Patterson (2019 Emory University)

John Donahue (2018 College of William and Mary)

Graham Oliver (2017 Brown University)

Pat Dintrone (Web administrator)



Serena Conolly (archivist@associationofancienthistorians.org)


50th Anniversary of AAH (AAH@50)(several positions available)


Serena Conolly


Constitution Revision Committee (1 position available)


Stanley Burstein

Pat Dintrone

Rachael Goldman

Brian Messner

Georgia Tsouvala




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