Membership and Dues


Membership categories and dues


There are three categories of membership in the AAH: Regular, Associate, and Life.  Members in any category may attend the meetings, hold office, and participate fully in the life of the organization.


Each member receives the thrice-yearly Newsletter.  E-members receive the Newsletters via email; postal members receive them in hard copy.  All members receive a paper copy of each new addition to the Publications of the AAH series. [Information about availability of back volumes of PAAH and other monographs is available from Regina Books].



Regular membership is available to all persons with an interest in the study of the Ancient Mediterranean world. Dues:

  • E-member: $11.00 per year, may be paid up to 5 years in advance. Newsletters sent electronically.
  • Postal member: $16.00 per year, may be paid up to 5 years in advance. Newsletters sent by mail. 


Associate membership is available to students who are enrolled in a school, college or university. Dues:

  • E-membership: $7.00 per year, may be paid up to 5 years in advance. Newsletters sent electronically.
  • Postal membership: $12.00 per year, may be paid up to 5 years in advance. Newsletters sent by mail.


Life membership is available to those who are retired and at least 60 years old upon payment of a one-time subscription of $160.00. Member may select e-membership or postal membership. 


If you are not a member of AAH and would like to join, or if you are a current member and wish to renew membership, you have two options:  Online payment or mail-in payment.



Online Payment via PayPal


To pay dues online, please complete the following form and click Make Payment. PayPal is a secure site that accepts payment from your PayPal account (if you have one) or by credit card. It is not necessary to have or create a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

Note: If you would like to update or correct your name or address but are NOT paying dues, please use the Change of Address Form.


New or Renewal Membership


Type of Membership (please select one from the list):

If you are over 60 AND retired and would like information on obtaining a Life membershop, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer.


Membership status:



Last Name:


First Name(s):


Street address:


City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code: Please be sure you have included your State/Province and Zip/Postal code!




Email address:


Academic Institution (for faculty/staff/student):


If you wish to pay dues for more than 1 year, please change the Quantity box on the next page and click Update Totals. Paying dues for more than one year saves the Association money in processing fees and saves you the trouble of renewing your membership each year.


The Subvention fund relies on contributions from AAH members. After you have added your dues to your shopping cart, we encourage you to return and add a donation.






Add a Donation:

For: Please indicate the amount of your donation in the "Quantity" box at checkout and click Update Totals.
Thank you for your support!


Mail-in Payment


You may choose to remit via traditional mail, in which case, download the member information form, fill in the information, enclose a check or money order (in most currencies), and mail to:


Association of Ancient Historians
Cindy Nimchuk
Department of History
Mercyhurst University
501 East 38th Street
Erie PA 16546-0001


If you are already a member of AAH and would like to update or correct your personal information (but are not renewing your membership), please e-mail the Secretary/Treasurer, Cindy Nimchuk,



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