AAH Roll of Committees and Working Groups


Diversity Committee
Liv Yarrow (Chair) diversity@associationofancienthistorians.org
Georgia Tsouvala
John W.I. Lee
Dominic Machado



Mentorship Committe

Zachary Herz (Chair) mentorship@associationofancienthistorians.org

Leanne Bablitz

Jennifer Finn

Aaron Hershkowitz

Rhyne King

Jeffrey Stevens



Publications Committee
Hans-Friedrich Mueller (Chair), publications@associationofancienthistorians.org
Matthew Perry
Karen Acton
Jennifer Roberts
Danielle Kellogg
Isabelle Pafford
Steven Garfinkle
Peter Bedford
Serena Connolly (ex officio)
Scott Perry (ex officio)



Subvention Grant Committee
Matthew Perry (Chair), grants@associationofancienthistorians.org
John Donahue

Jason Hawke
Jennifer Roberts
Scott Perry (ex officio)
Serena Connolly (ex officio)



Social Media and Technology Committee
Andrea Gatzke (Chair) socialmedia@associationofancienthistorians.org
Pat Dintrone, webadmin@associationofancienthistorians.org
Mark Northrup
Jaclyn Neel
Brian Messner



Committee on Teaching (ad hoc)

Eliza  Gettel (Co-Chair) teaching@associationofancienthistorians.org

Jeffrey Rop (Co-Chair) teaching@associationofancienthistorians.org

Joseph  Frechette

Jinyu Liu

Jenna Rice

Conference Advisory Group (informal, ad hoc)
Eric Orlin (2016 U. of Puget Sound), eorlin@pugetsound.edu
Graham Oliver (2017 Brown University)
John Donahue (2018 College of William and Mary)
Cindy Patterson (2019 Emory University)
John W.I. Lee (2015 U of California, Santa Barbara)
Michael Fronda (2014 McGill University)
Serena Connolly (President)




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