AAH Roll of Committees and Working Groups


Publications Committee (standing)
Hans-Friedrich Mueller (Chair), publications@associationofancienthistorians.org
Matthew Perry
Karen Acton
Jennifer Roberts
Danielle Kellogg
Isabelle Pafford
Steven Garfinkle
Peter Bedford
Serena Connolly (ex officio)
Scott Perry (ex officio)



Subvention Grant Committee (standing)
Matthew Perry (Chair), grants@associationofancienthistorians.org
John Donahue

Jason Hawke
Jennifer Roberts
Scott Perry (ex officio)
Serena Connolly (ex officio)



Committee on Social Media and Technology (standing)
Andrea Gatzke (Chair) socialmedia@associationofancienthistorians.org
Pat Dintrone, webadmin@associationofancienthistorians.org
Mark Northrup
Jaclyn Neel
Brian Messner

Diversity Committee (ad hoc)
Liv Yarrow (Chair) diversity@associationofancienthistorians.org
Georgia Tsouvala
John W.I. Lee
Dominic Machado



Mentorship Committe (ad hoc)

Jennifer Finn (Chair) mentorship@associationofancienthistorians.org

Leanne Bablitz

Aaron Hershkowitz

Zachary Herz

Rhyne King

Jeffrey Stevens


Conference Advisory Group (informal, ad hoc)
Eric Orlin (2016 U. of Puget Sound), eorlin@pugetsound.edu
Graham Oliver (2017 Brown University)
John Donahue (2018 College of William and Mary)
Cindy Patterson (2019 Emory University)
John W.I. Lee (2015 U of California, Santa Barbara)
Michael Fronda (2014 McGill University)
Serena Connolly (President)




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