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The AAH is the premier organization of Ancient History professionals in the United States and Canada.  Membership is open to all persons with an interest in ancient history.The Association of Ancient Historians was founded with two essential objectives.  The first of these is to foster a regular forum for scholarly interaction among historians of the Ancient Mediterranean--especially among those who study the Greeks and Romans--and secondly, to do so in a manner that emphasizes collegiality and social interaction. 


Over its lifetime, and that of its informal forerunner, the AAH has organized annual meetings at more than two dozen different universities in the United States and Canada, and its membership has grown to nearly 800, including most of the ancient historians in these two countries. The AAH is the largest organization in North America that is devoted exclusively to promoting teaching and scholarship in ancient history.


In addition to communicating matters of common interest, the AAH works with individual universities to organize annual meetings that provide an opportunity to present and discuss research in the field. The AAH informs its members through a regular newsletter and also sponsors the publication of a series of monographs (Publications of the Association of Ancient Historians). Members receive a free copy of each title as it is published. Apart from the monograph series, AAH has published two volumes of collected essays. and also maintains an up-to-date online Directory of Ancient Historians in the United States and Canada.


The Association's Annual Meeting is held each Spring, usually in early May. These meetings are hosted by individual members with the support of their home institutions and shift venue every year.  Nearly all panels and papers are presented in plenary session.  Participants tend to take meals together to engage in informal conversations and there is a reception and a banquet to encourage collegiality among members, many of whom are the only ancient history specialists at their institutions. 


Positions Available


University of Minnesota,Twin Cities.The Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts invites applications for the position of tenure-track assistant professor of environmental history to begin in fall semester 2017 (August 28, 2017). This search is open as to geographical and temporal field. The department seeks scholars whose work engages with critical issues in this growing and vital field. We are particularly interested in scholars whose research has the potential to enter into conversation with other fields of social and cultural history that are represented in the department, including but not limited to the social and cultural histories of race, gender and sexuality, indigeneity, colonialism, empire, capitalism, and migration. Candidates whose work is interdisciplinary and/or transregional are also strongly encouraged to apply. Priority Deadline: October 24, 2016.


The Department of Classics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick) is pleased to invite applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor, to begin in September 2017. We seek a Classicist with a primary teaching and research interest in Roman-era material culture; along with more traditional material culture interests, such as art and archaeology, we also welcome applications from those who engage with the intersections of text and material culture. Deadline: October 31, 2016.


The History Department at St. Mary's College of Maryland invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Ancient History starting August 2017. The field of expertise is open, but the successful candidate should be able to teach a variety of courses in Ancient and Late Antiquity Mediterranean culture and history. PhD in hand by start of contract. Teaching experience preferred. Experience in designing, building, and implementing digital history projects is a plus.


Director of the Corinthian Excavation. The American School of Classical Studies at Athens seeks an active scholar and experienced archaeologist to direct its excavations at Ancient Corinth. The initial appointment is for three to five years. It begins on July 1, 2017, and is renewable. Application deadline: October 31, 2016.


Elizabeth A. Whitehead Visiting Professors. One or Two Positions for 2017-2018. Seeking a senior scholar with a significant record of publication and teaching in a North American institution who is a faculty or staff member at a Cooperating Institution. Advances research on a project that utilizes the facilities of the School and enriches the academic program of the School. Whitehead Professors are encouraged to present a seminar, workshop, or other significant contribution to the academic program and to contribute to the intellectual life of the School in other ways, such as mentoring or advising students and participating in School trips, excursions, and conferences.Deadline: October 31, 2016.


American School of Classical Studies in Athens. Since its inception in 1994, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship program at the ASCSA has demonstrated its effectiveness by supporting projects for 50 scholars with distinguished research and teaching careers in the humanities. Postdoctoral scholars and professionals in relevant fields including architecture or art who are US citizens or foreign nationals who have lived in the US for the three years immediately preceding the application deadline are eligible. Applicants must already hold their Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree at the time of application. Deadline: October 31, 2016.


Michigan State University's Department of History seeks an assistant professor, tenure system, with research expertise in ancient Mediterranean History. Candidates must be able to teach classes on ancient Greece and Rome and must demonstrate an ability to enhance department and university strengths. We have a preference for candidates with abilities in digital humanities and social sciences.Application deadline: November 1, 2016.



Study Opportunities


New Summer Programs by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The ASCSA presents Summer Seminars for graduate and undergraduate students and secondary school and college teachers. 1: Greek Sculpture Up Close, taught by Prof. Mark Fullerton, Ohio State University. 2: Myth on Site, taught by Prof. Tina Salowey, Hollins University. Online application deadline, October 15, 2016.


The Balkan Heritage Field School has just opened the application session for the first available projects in the next field school season in 2017.The available projects/courses take place at different excavation sites and historic places in Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia related to all major cultures and civilizations that once existed in the Balkans.


The Department of Classical Studies of Loyola University Chicago now offers a Post-Baccalaureate program in Latin and Greek so that students who have completed bachelor’s degrees may build the proficiency in the languages.

Grants and Fellowships


The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the academic programs and fellowships for the 2017-­2018 academic year at the Gennadius Library. Various fellowships are available for doctoral students through post-doctoral work and cover a range of Greek history. Deadlines range from October 31, 2016 through January 15, 2017.


Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies. Opportunities for Scholars 2017-2018. The Institute is an independent private institution founded in 1930 to create a community of scholars focused on intellectual inquiry, free from teaching and other university obligations. Scholars from around the world come to the Institute to pursue their own research. Candidates may apply for a single term or a full academic year. Scholars may apply for a stipend, but those with sabbatical funding, other grants, retirement funding or other means are also invited to apply for a non-stipendiary membership. Some short-term visitorships (for less than a full term, and without stipend) are also available on an ad-hoc basis. Deadline: November 1, 2016.


Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Institute for Research in the Humanities offers five to six Solmsen Fellowships each year to scholars outside UW-Madison working in the humanities on European history and culture in the classical, medieval, and/or early modern periods before 1700. Deadline: November 1, 2016.


The Scott R. Jacobs Fund invites proposals for studies on Alexander the Great in North America. Subjects of the proposals must concentrate on Alexander, his context (Macedonia or the Fourth Century B.C.E) or his legacy in the Ancient World. Grants will be made to support research, research travel, as well as travel for the presentation of papers. Annual deadlines: April 1 and November 1.



Publication Opportunities


Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean World, A Brill Companion to Classical Studies Series. The aim of the series is to publish high-quality, useful volumes each focused on a specific topic related to warfare in the ancient Mediterranean world. Where appropriate, volume coverage should include the eastern Mediterranean, including Assyria, Persia, Anatolia the Levant, and Egypt as well as Greece and Rome. The intended audience includes scholarly specialist and non specialists. We are seeking proposals on a variety of topics covering a wide range of issues and methodologies. For more information contact the series editor, Lee Brice, at ll-brice@wiu.edu or llbrice@ilstu.edu.


The journal Res Militares is actively seeking volunteers to review books on a wide array of topics, not all of which are necessarily military. Interested reviewers should write to Lee Brice (ll-brice@wiu.edu). The list of available books can be found at our webpage.


The newly launched Journal of Ancient History is now accepting submissions. The Journal of Ancient History aims to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity.


The Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History is an international, double blind peer reviewed journal that seeks to encourage and stimulate the study of the history of the ancient Near East, which is broadly defined to include areas from Iran to the western Anatolian coast and the Black Sea to Southern Arabia from its prehistoric foundations to the Late Antique period.


Richard Stoneman is editing a small series, Cities of the Ancient World, for IB Tauris. Anyone who would like to know more about this series, and the kind of books we are looking for, is invited to contact him at R.Stoneman@exeter.ac.uk.



Conferences and Lectures


Grammatical Treebank Analysis for Teaching and Research, a free two-day workshop sponsored by the Perseids Project. January 4-5th, 2017, Toronto, Ontario. This two-day workshop aims to present some of the work currently being done in digital pedagogy for classical studies. As the field of classical studies continues to evolve, technology is playing an even larger role both in educating a new generation of scholars and in opening new approaches to data-driven humanities research.
The workshop will include hands-on seminars on how to use the tools available via Perseids, in particular the Alpheios Translation Alignment editor and the Arethusa Treebank editor.


The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, presents a series of public lectures on a variety of topics. Please consult the ISAW website for upcoming topics and dates.

Calls for Papers


The Cost of Freedom: Debt and Slavery. May 19-20, 2017, Brooklyn College, City University of New York. This conference will bring scholars from numerous disciplines into conversation across the historical timeline to examine how debt, value and payment work to create freedom, liberty and slavery. We are seeking contributions for at least four panels of 3-4 participants each. We hope to attract participation from a wide range of academic disciplines and from scholars at all levels, and will try to reflect this diversity in our creation of each broad panel. Submissions deadline: October 31, 2016.


Remembering and Being Remembered: Monuments, Memorials, and Legacies. The 60TH Missouri Valley History Conference, March 2-3, 2017. Monuments, memorials, and legacies encompass the multiple ways in which individuals and societies remember their past and strive to be remembered, from the monumental complex of Stonehenge to the era of Twitter and Snapchat. Does our present shape the way we remember and memorialize the past or is it rather the memory of our past that influences our behavior today? The conference aims to bring together scholars exploring various aspects of how oral and written stories, memorials, monuments, and museums present answers to the eternal human need to remember the past and leave a mark not to be forgotten. Deadline for submissions: November 4, 2016.


A Panel on Family Models: (Inter)Generational and Gender Relations in the Ancient World, The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), 5-8 June 2017, Athens, Greece as part of the 10th Annual International Conference on Literature sponsored by the Athens Journal of Philology. The aim of the panel is to bring together academics and researchers from all areas of family and gender studies in ancient literature and other related disciplines, in order to explore the various models of family in antiquity, both in its prevalent patriarchal structure and in other unconventional or idealized forms, such as the Spartan family, Plato’s proposal in the Republic, or the Roman version of it. Please submit a 300-word abstract before 7 November 2016


A Thousand Years of War: New Directions in Roman Military Studies, c. 500BCE-500CE. Roman Military Studies Panel at the 10th Celtic Conference in Classics, Montreal (Canada), 19-22 July 2017. We invite papers on Roman warfare and the Roman army, broadly conceptualized with in the wider ancient Mediterranean context from c. 500 BCE to 500CE, that draw on new approaches, methodologies, and questions. Deadline for contributions: November 13, 2016.


Numa, Numa: The Life and Afterlife of the Second King of Rome. 13-14 October, 2017. Ann Arbor MI. This conference aims to help correct modern scholarship’s oversight of the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius – the foundational figure of Roman religion who also enjoyed a remarkably long, varied, and rich nachleben in Western thought, literature, and art. We invite abstracts (500 words) for papers that will last 25 minutes by 15 February, 2017.


Power Couple: Attic Comedy and Historiography. SCS Meeting, January 2018. Attic Comedy and Historiography thematize the question of power in all its forms: both genres analyze rhetorical power, imperial power, mythical and divine power, the power (or powerlessness) of the law, the power of the reputation or charisma of politicians, and diverse other themes of this kind.We are seeking papers that go beyond comparative examination of how the two genres treat power to investigate the relations between comedic and historiographic treatments of power in fifth- and fourth- century Athens. The deadline for submission is February 24, 2017.


The Art of Biography in Antiquity. Sponsored by the International Plutarch Society. Organized by Jeffrey Beneker, University of Wisconsin, Madison. We aim to explore features of the biographical tradition that cut across linguistic, cultural, generic, and chronological boundaries. We encourage panelists to focus on comparative studies or works of particular authors, as well as papers that deal with the intersection of biography and other genres, such as historiography, rhetoric, poetry, and philosophy. The deadline is March 1, 2017.


To submit an item for any of these categories, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Denise Demetriou



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