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The AAH is the premier organization of Ancient History professionals in the United States and Canada.  Membership is open to all persons with an interest in ancient history.


The Association of Ancient Historians was founded with two essential objectives.  The first of these is to foster a regular forum for scholarly interaction among historians of the Ancient Mediterranean--especially among those who study the Greeks and Romans--and secondly, to do so in a manner that emphasizes collegiality and social interaction. 


Over its lifetime, and that of its informal forerunner, the AAH has organized annual meetings at more than two dozen different universities in the United States and Canada, and its membership has grown to nearly 800, including most of the ancient historians in these two countries. The AAH is the largest organization in North America that is devoted exclusively to promoting teaching and scholarship in ancient history.


In addition to communicating matters of common interest, the AAH works with individual universities to organize annual meetings that provide an opportunity to present and discuss research in the field. The AAH informs its members through a regular newsletter; it sponsors the publication of a series of monographs and has published two volumes of collected essays. And it has organized summer institutes for college teachers under the sponsorship of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


The Association also sponsors an annual meeting in the Spring, usually in early May. These meetings are hosted by individual members with the support of their home institutions and shift venue every year.  Nearly all panels and papers are presented in plenary session.  Participants tend to take meals together to engage in informal conversations and there is a reception and banquet. 


Positions Available


The Johns Hopkins University. Senior Latinist – Associate or Full Professor.

The Department of Classics at Johns Hopkins University invites applications for a senior Latinist, at the level of associate or full professor, for an approved appointment expected to begin 1 July, 2015. pplications will be reviewed beginning 15 September, 2014, but we will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.


Colby College. Classics - Ancient Historian Search

The Department of Classics at Colby College invites applications for a one-year replacement position beginning September 1, 2015 at the rank of Faculty Fellow. Ph.D. or A.B.D. with specialization in Ancient History required. Review of applications will begin December 1, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.


The Department of History at the United States Naval Academy seeks a tenure-track assistant professor in the field of Ancient Greek and/or Roman History, beginning August 2015. The successful candidate will be expected to teach the first half of the Naval Academy’s core comparative civilization sequence, introductory courses on Ancient Greece and Rome, and majors seminars in his or her specialty. Review of applications begins November 3, 2014.


University of Houston. The History Department at the University of Houston is seeking a colleague for a tenure-track position as an assistant professor specializing in Roman History and Digital Humanities. Teaching responsibilities include an ancient civilizations survey and upper-division and graduate courses in Roman History to complement the department's offerings in Greek History. Additionally we would want this candidate to teach methodology courses in Digital Humanities. The Search Committee will begin considering applications on November 15, 2014.


AAH Assistant Editor.The Assistant Editor will work with the Secretary– Treasurer to prepare the newsletter for distribution three times per year on a schedule set by the Secretary–Treasurer. The Assistant Editor position is open to all members of the AAH, with preference given to Post-doctoral and Independent Scholars. A stipend of US $500 per year will be paid to the Assistant Editor.




Grants and Fellowships


The American School of Classical Studies at Athens announces its annual Program of Fellowships for study in Greece. Fellowships are available for graduate students and postgraduates. Deadlines vary from October 2014 to March 2015.


The American School Of Classical Studies At Athens. The M. Alison Frantz Fellowship In Post-Classical Studies At The Gennadius Library. The Frantz Fellowship is awarded to scholars whose fields of study are represented by the Gennadius Library in Athens, i.e. Late Antiquity, Byzantine Studies, post-Byzantine Studies, or Modern Greek Studies. Deadline: January 15


Phi Beta Kappa announces the Mary Isabel Sibley Followship for the study of Greek language, literature, history, or archeology. Candidates must be unmarried women 25 to 35 years of age who have demonstrated their ability to carry on original research. They must hold a doctorate or ABD and they must be planning to devote full-time work to research during the fellowship year. The award is not restricted to members of Phi Beta Kappa or to U.S. citizens. Application Deadling: January 15, 2015.


The applications for the 2015-2016 David L. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships are now available. Boren Awards provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to study in Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East, where they can add important international and language components to their educations. Deadline: January 27, 2015.


Request for Proposals: The Scott R. Jacobs Fund supports Studies on Alexander the Great in North America. Subjects of the proposals must concentrate on Alexander, his context (Macedonia or the Fourth Century B.C.E) or his legacy in the Ancient World. Grants will be made to support research, research travel, as well as travel for the presentation of papers. Annual deadlines: April 1 and November 1.




Calls for Papers


Looking at the Stage: New Perspectives on Greek and Roman Performance
8th Annual Graduate Student Conference. March 13, 2015. PhD/MA Program in Classics, The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, NY. Recently, scholars interested in Greek and Roman drama have embraced an approach that does not privilege the text alone but looks at drama from a much broader context, as provided by archaeology, epigraphic material, performance theory, art history, and theater semiotics. Such an approach assumes that by studying this relationship more deeply we can have a richer sense of the culture, which results in turn in a richer sense of the text. This conference invites graduate students in Classics and related fields to think about performance in Greek and Roman drama from multidisciplinary perspectives. Deadine for submission of abstracts: December 14, 2014.

Conferences and Lectures


The AAH Affiliated panel at the AHA meeting in New York will be on Childhood and Education in the Ancient World. The panel is scheduled for January 3, 2015.


The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, presents a series of public lectures on a variety of topics. Please consult the ISAW website for upcoming topics and dates.



Publication Opportunities


ANCIENT HISTORY BULLETIN is going digital.  Because of higher mailing costs and a desire to reach a wider audience, The Ancient History Bulletin will be discontinuing print issues and publishing in digital media. Further information about this change, as well as submission guidelines for authors and reviewers, is available on the new website: http://stolaf.edu/AncientHistoryBulletin


Ed Anson, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, solicits proposals for a series, Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World. These are meant to be scholarly monographs on topics related to the series’ title. Please contact him at the History Department, UALR.


The newly launched Journal of Ancient History is now accepting submissions. The Journal of Ancient History aims to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity (roughly the ninth century BCE through the sixth century CE).


De Gruyter is pleased to announce the Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History. Please visit our website: www.degruyter.com/janeh/.

JANEH is an international, double blind peer reviewed journal that seeks to encourage and stimulate the study of the history of the ancient Near East, which is broadly defined to include areas from Iran to the western Anatolian coast and the Black Sea to Southern Arabia from its prehistoric foundations to the Late Antique period.


Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal invites essays on topics related to any and all aspects of human values, including aesthetic, moral, political, economic, scientific, or religious values.



Study Opportunities


Inscriptions and Life in Roman Asia Minor May 31-June 6, 2015, Post-seminar optional tour, June 7-10, 2015. Seminar Topics Include: Introduction to epigraphic method, Roman government and administration (roads & communication), Roman colonies and soldiers (the imperial cult), Life in the Greek cities under Roman rule & civic elites.


The Balkan Heritage Field School announces its Summer 2015 program. Since 2003 BHFS has been offering different projects/courses, taught in English, for practical education in the fields of Archaeology and History of South-Eastern Europe, Documentation, Conservation and Restoration of Historic Artifacts and Monuments, in two Balkan countries: Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia. The Program has involved a number of academic and research institutions, museums and heritage specialists from Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, USA, Canada, France and Japan – among them is the New Bulgarian University, which provides to all students the opportunity to obtain by request credit hours for their participation in the BHFS projects/courses.

The Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens announces the 2015 summer session focused on the teaching of Medieval Greek. The objective is to familiarize students who have a sound foundation in Classical Greek with Medieval Greek language and philology by exposing them to primary sources, different kinds of literary genres, paleography and epigraphy as well as bibliographic and electronic tools, drawing on the resources of the Gennadius Library. The two Professors leading the session are Professor Alexander Alexakis, University of Ioannina and Professor Eustratios Papaioannou, Brown University. Application deadline: January 15


The University of Nebraska, Omaha has just officially approved a new undergrad and grad (master's) minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies. The minor is intercollegiate and offers 12 current participating faculty across 2 colleges, 5 departments, with 51 classes (offered in rotation), and more on the way. The minor also includes classes in the Ancient Near East.


The Department of Classical Studies of Loyola University Chicago now offers a Post-Baccalaureate program in Latin and Greek so that students who have completed bachelor’s degrees may build the proficiency in the languages.


Washington University in St. Louis has instituted a new PhD program in Classics.  The program will offer degrees in the literature, history, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, with specialties in Greek and Roman Music, Ancient Mediterranean History, Ancient Philosophy, and Ancient Performance and its Legacy




General Announcements


UC Berkeley announces the initiation of California Classical Studies, an Open Access Digital Publication Project.


The 2013 Report of the APA Committee on Ancient History is now available.


Finley DVD Available. For those who would like to see the entire interview with Moses Finley (part of which was played at the 2012 meeting), it is available from the Institute of Historical Research in London. It can be purchased as one of their Interviews with Historians series

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