AAH 2022 Annual Meeting at UCSD


Please note that the program begins on Thursday morning this year. All times are Pacific Daylight Time.


Thursday, April 28

8:00-8:15: Welcome

8:15-9:45: Panel 1: Race and the Abuses of Ancient History, John W. I. LEE (UC Santa Barbara), Chair

Not Orientalism but Patriotism: Luo Niansheng’s Chinese Translation of Aeschylus’ Persae in the 1930s, YUE Mengzhen (Shandong University and University College Dublin)

“The Least Appealing of the Practices that the Greeks Picked Up from Non-Greeks:” Orientalism, Colonialism, and Greek Tyranny, Marcaline BOYD (University of Delaware)

Children of the Sun: Blackness as an Ethnic as Opposed to a Racial Signifier in Apollonius’ Argonautica and Heliodorus’ Aethiopica, Jackie MURRAY (University of Kentucky)


9:45-10:00: Break


10:00-11:30: Panel 2: Marginalized and Underrepresented Groups in Ancient History, Jacobo MYERSTON SANTANA (UC San Diego), Chair

Slaves to Rome, Freedmen to the Colonies: Freedmen, Citizenship and Colonization in the Middle Republic, Evan JEWELL (Rutgers University – Camden)

The Goddess Feronia and her Cult among Italic Enslaved Communities, Gaia GIANNI (Tulane University)

Ancient Slaves as Medical Tools, Jordan COHEN (UC Riverside)


11:30-12:30: Break


12:30-14:00: Panel 3: Toward a Global Antiquity, Ted KELTING (UC San Diego), Chair

The Incense Trade and the Hellenistic World System, Stanley M. BURSTEIN (CSU, Los Angeles)

The Promise and Peril of a Global Antiquity, Jeremy A. SIMMONS (University of Maryland, College Park)

Why Wait for Columbus, Walter SCHEIDEL (Stanford University)


14:00-14:30: Break


14:30-16:00: Keynote Address/Annual Vassiliadis Lecture: Breaking the Apocalyptic Frame: Constantinian Propaganda and the Longue Durée, Beth DIGESER (UC Santa Barbara)
Zoom Link: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/98855549553


16:00-17:00: Social Hour


Friday, April 29

8:00-9:30: Panel 4: Mobility and Migration I, Denise DEMETRIOU (UC San Diego), Chair

Prosperity and Anxiety in the Port of Athens, Ryan ABRECHT (University of San Diego)

Elephants and Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean: A Re-Evaluation of Alexander’s Elephant Legacy, Tessa LITTLE (University at Buffalo)

9:30-9:45: Break


9:45-11:15: Panel 5: Mobility and Migration II, Denver GRANINGER (UC Riverside), Chair

Migration, Citizenship, and Hegemony in Roman Italy, Will BROADHEAD (MIT)

Procurators on the Move: Mobility and Imperial Administrators in the High Empire, Rafail ZOULIS (Yale University)


11:15-12:15: Break


12:15-13:45: Panel 6: Ecology, Resources, and Environmental History, Michele SALZMAN (UC Riverside), Chair

Volcanoes, Rivers, and Wars: Seleucid Responses to Short-Term Climate Shocks, Deirdre KLOKOW (University of Southern California)

Recording or Erasing Catastrophe: The Hidden Natural Disaster Narrative in Tacitus’ Annales, Maxwell SHILLER (University of Southern California)

The Horrific Puzzle of the Plague of Cyprian: A Proposed Solution to a 1,773-Year-Old Mystery, Mark ORSAG and Amanda McKINNEY (Doane University)


13:45-14:00: Break


14:00-15:30: Panel 7: Ancient Religion: A Useful Category? Ed WATTS (UC San Diego), Chair

Religion and Identity in Early Byzantium, Sviatoslav DMITRIEV (Ball State University)

Manumissio in Ecclesia and Sovereignty in the Late Antique Church, Brittany JOYCE (University of Michigan)

Human Clay: Anatomical Votives, Embodiment, and Religious Community, Calloway SCOTT (University of Cincinnati)


15:30-16:00: Break


16:00-17:30 Keynote Address/Annual Ranglas Lecture, Pluriversal History: Towards a “Many Worlds” Vision of the Past, by Greg ANDERSON (OSU)
Zoom Link: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/94848420631


17:30-18:30 Social Hour

Saturday, April 30

8:00-10:30: Panel 8: Teaching Ancient History Around the World, Walter PENROSE (SDSU), Chair

Teaching Classics Comparatively, ZHANG Wei (Fudan University)

Teaching and Researching Feminist History: A Comparative Study, Shalini SHAH (University of Delhi)

Classics in the Colonies, Emily POELINA-HUNTER (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Teaching and Practicing Classics in the Context of Linguicide and Social and Environmental Crisis in Mexico, Claudio GARCÍA EHRENFELD (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

“But That Has Nothing to Do with Us”: Disputes over Ancient History in the Brazilian Curriculum, Juliana BASTOS MARQUES (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)


10:30-12:00: Business Meeting


12:00: Closing Remarks