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On this page we provide links to sister organizations and other items of interest.  If you have a suggested addition to the list, please forward it, including the link, to the Web administrator along with explanatory text.



Other organizations of interest:


American Historical Association


American Society of Papyrologists


Archaeological Institute of America


Classical Association of Canada


Institute of Classical Studies


Society for Classical Studies (formerly American Philological Association)
including the Committee on Ancient History


Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies


Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies


Society of Ancient Military Historians



Online Projects:


The Ancient World Mapping Center (formerly the Classical Atlas Project) promotes cartography, historical geography, and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies through innovative and collaborative research, teaching, and community outreach activities. On its website it offers free maps for classroom use and software that allows users to create their own maps.


Fasti online is a database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000.  It includes preliminary reports, finds, chronology, etc. Italy features prominently, but now also Macedonia, Romania,  Malta, etc. It can be a useful tool for historians working with archaeological data who want the latest information, before things are formally published in hardcopy.


The Oxford Roman Economy Project includes the development and maintenance of an online database of documentary and archaeological material, the organisation of conferences, seminars and occasional lectures, and the publication of research. The original focus on quantification is now expanded with the aim of also exploring vital parts of ancient life which have not hitherto been much considered in economic terms (e.g. the production and collecting of art; the economics of ancient religion). The Project also publishes a series, Oxford Studies in the Roman Economy, and holds periodic conferences.


The Perseus Digital Library contains online Greek and Latin texts (and translations), commentaries, reference works, and a library of archaeological arts and artifacts.


Pleiades is a community-built gazetteer and graph of ancient places. It publishes authoritative information about ancient places and spaces, providing unique services for finding, displaying, and reusing that information under open license. It publishes not just for individual human users, but also for search engines and for the widening array of computational research and visualization tools that support humanities teaching and research. 



Digital Publications:


California Classical Studies publishes peer-reviewed long-form scholarship with online open access and print-on-demand availability. The primary aim of the series is to disseminate basic research (editing and analysis of primary materials both textual and physical), data-heavy research, and highly specialized research of the kind that is either hard to place with the leading publishers in Classics or extremely expensive for libraries and individuals when produced by a leading academic publisher. In addition to promoting archaeological publications, papyrological and epigraphic studies, technical textual studies, and the like, the series will also produce selected titles of a more general profile.


Bryn Mawr Classical Review publishes timely open-access, peer-reviewed reviews of current scholarly work in the field of classical studies (including archaeology).


L'Année philologique [subscription required] is the digital version of L'Année philologique, a database published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, in collaboration with the Society for Classical Studies (founded as the American Philological Association).


Jacoby Online brings together online Felix Jacoby’s monumental Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker and Brill’s New Jacoby, a completely new edition of the great work with abundant new commentaries in English by contemporary scholars, as well as facing English translations of the Greek texts. Please go to for more details about this unique product or contact Purchase required.



Other resources:


H-Net Job Guide posts academic position announcements in History (among other fields) and serves a broad audience of administrators, faculty members, archivists, librarians, and other professionals in the humanities and social sciences. The Job Guide is fully sortable and searchable, and is available via email and the web at no cost to the jobseeker.


Fotosearch ( is a stock photo image gallery with about 20,000 images of ancient Rome. There is a fee for use of their photos.




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