Howarth Book and Tie Sale


As the AAH prepares to sadly say goodbye to Randy Howarth (Secretary-Treasurer 2003-2009), he and his wife, Cindy Nimchuk, are making the following offer:


Randy wants to sell his collection of Books and Silk History-themed Ties.  After all, who but us History Geeks will drool over ancient economies or wear a tie with Stonehenge, or a Sumerian Procession?!
First Come, First Served!!  We will be packing up everything starting May 10th.
Randy already has set up a Facebook page (, with lots of old photos, plus the Introduction to his memoirs.  We will keep the page updated with our sailing exploits! 
We also have a gofundme campaign at to raise money for dockage during Randy’s final trip, and end of life care. 

Thank you all,
Cindy Nimchuk (Sec-Tr 2009-2015)

I have prepared an Excel List of the books for sale, and Denise has kindly agreed to send it to the list and post it to the website. 
We are selling for about half of the cover price (or best guesstimate, as some of the items are older first editions, and we have no idea what they originally cost), plus shipping (media mail unless otherwise requested).
Half of the price we get will be donated back to the subvention fund, and I will give Denise a list of anyone who 'donated' over $10.  
Payment:  Paypal and cheques accepted.
In either case, FIRST email me at, telling me which books you want.  I will figure out how much the shipping will be, and let you know.  You can then pay for shipping and books at the same time.
For Paypal, you need to have a Paypal account (very easy to set up).  If you want to pay by Paypal, my email for Paypal is  In the instructions, tell me your shipping address.  
You can also send a cheque, although that will delay things a bit (mail, you know).  For cheques, send them to Randy Howarth, 821 West 2nd Street, Erie, PA, 16507.
*Note:  I will send updated lists to Denise for posting, so we don't end up with 5 people wanting the same book.  That said, First Come, First Served!




Many of these ties are from museums. Some are from Europe. All are Silk.  Original prices were $50.00+. All in very good condition (gently used, i.e. worn twice a year, lol, for appropriate topics). 
$10 per tie (+ $2.50 shipping), or 3 for $25 (+ $5.00 shipping). 
Same instructions as with books:  email me ( which you want and then choose a payment method once I've confirmed.




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