The Legacy of Ernst Badian


The Association of Ancient Historians is pleased to announce a special volume in honor of Ernst Badian:




The Legacy Of Ernst Badian

Five essays focus on Badian's contributions to the study of ancient history, Greek and Roman.

T. Corey Brennan: “Ernst Badian’s Methodological Maxims”
Stanley Burstein: “A Peltast among Hoplites: Ernst Badian and Athenian History”
Eugene Borza: “Ernst Badian’s Alexander”
Jerzy Linderski: “Ink and Blood: Ernst Badian, Rome and the Art of History"

Carol Thomas, as editor, provides an introduction focusing on Ernst’s role in the foundation and growth of the Association of Ancient Historians.

The volume concludes with a bibliography of Ernst’s scholarship from 1952 to 2009.


To honor Professor Badian's commitment to young scholars, the net proceeds from sales will go to the Subvention Fund, which he helped create. The Subvention Fund helps defray costs to attend the AAH annual meeting for junior faculty and graduate student members.


Approximately 100 pp, plus bibliography.


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The Legacy of Ernst Badian


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