Thursday April 25
Emory Conference Center Hotel
Registration (Hotel Lobby)

6:00 pm
Presidential Panel (Emory Conference Center, Lullwater Ballroom Salon 1)
Chair: Serena Connolly (Rutgers)
Graham Oliver, Brown University, “The Institutionalization of Ancient History in North America and the Association of Ancient Historians”
Jonathan Scott Perry, USF Sarasota-Manatee, “Whose Revolution? Sir Ronald Syme’s Address to the Seattle Meeting in 1979”
Lee L. Brice, Western Illinois University and Jennifer T. Roberts, City College of New York, “Data Mining Association of Ancient Historians Conference History”

7:30 pm
Opening Reception
(Emory Conference Center Hotel - Garden Terrace)


Friday April 26
Emory University, Candler School of Theology, Rita Anne Rollins Building

8:30-9:00 - Continental Breakfast/Registration (second floor lobby)

9:00 - Welcome (Room 252)

Panel 1-Monuments and Memory (9:15-12:00)
Chair:  Zachary Herz (Georgetown University)
Roland Oetjen, Kiel University, “Creating a Greek Past in the north of the Black Sea Region: Chersonesos and Diophantos of Sinope”
Timothy Clark, University of Chicago, “Nero, the Crowning of Tiridates I, and the Memory of Augustus”
Maria Angeles Alonso, Universidad del País Vasco, “Text, image and private memory in a Roman funerary monument:
the gravestone of physician Alexander in 1st century AD (CIL VI, 9604)”
BREAK (10:45-11:00)
Sarah Beckmann, UCLA, “False Advertising? Roman Portraits as monumenta and Elite Identity in Late Antiquity”
Jenn Finn, Marquette University, “The Ship of Aeneas”

LUNCH BREAK (12:00-2:00)

12:30-1:30: LUNCH WORKSHOP-Elizabeth Marlowe, Colgate University, " How to Read a Museum Label Critically: A Crash Course for Ancient Historians" Michael C. Carlos Museum , Ackerman Hall
Light lunch provided for those who register with John Black by April 15

Panel 2-African American Reception of Ancient Mediterranean History (2:00-3:00)
Chair: Jackie Murray (University of Kentucky)
John Lee, UC Santa Barbara, “African American Travelers Encounter Greece, ca. 1850-1900”
Christopher Parmenter, New York University, “Olaudah Equiano and Ancient Slavery”

BREAK (3:00-3:15)

Panel 3-Freedom, Slavery, and Citizenship in the Ancient Mediterranean World (3:15-5:45)
Chair: Adriana Chira (Emory University)
Deborah Kamen, University of Washington, “Status, honor and the likelihood of prosecution for hubris”
Peter Vanderpuy, Ohio State University, “A reinterpretation of Nexum against the rise of a Roman civic structure in the 4th century BC”
BREAK (4:15-4:30)
Katherine Huemoeller, University of British Columbia, “Human Spoils: The status of captives in the Roman Republic”
Berit Hildebrandt, Leibnitz University Hannover, “The influence of freedmen on Roman elite representation during the early principate”

6:00: Keynote - Emily Greenwood, Yale University, "Aristotle's Slave and the Long March of Civil Rights"

7:15 and 7:30: Shuttle to Emory Conference Center


Saturday – April 27

7:30-8:00: Continental Breakfast (Second floor lobby)

Panel 4-Health and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World (8:00-9:30)
Chair: Lesley Dean-Jones (U of Texas, Austin)
John Wee, University of Chicago, “The Hippocratic Oath and Professional Family Guilds in Ancient Mesopotamia”
Karen Hersch, Temple University, “An Etruscan Healer in a Roman City: Peregrina Tanaquil”
Katherine van Schaik, Harvard University, “Galen’s Physician-Patients: Diagnosing and Treating One of the Community”
[Sarah Yeomans, USC, “A New Understanding of Roman Medicine in the Imperial Age: The Archaeological Discoveries in Rimini and Allianoi”– Read by title]

BREAK (9:30-9:45)

Panel 5-Continuity and Change in Ancient Mediterranean Religion ((9:45-11:15)
Chair: Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. (Georgia State University)
Dobrinka Chiekova, The College of New Jersey, “The Great Goddess Mother in the colonies on the western Black Sea coast: traditions, influences and roles”
Philip Kiernan, Kennesaw State University, “Continuity not Invention in Romano-Celtic Religion”
Christopher Fuhrmann, University of North Texas, “From Hades to Hell: Post-mortem Punishments for Earthly Crimes in Ancient Religious Belief”

11:30: Keynote – Teresa Morgan, University of Oxford, "Personifications of divine pistis and fides, Greek, Roman, and Christian: counter-cultural interactions"

LUNCH RECEPTION (12:30-1:15) Second floor lobby

Panel 6-Law and Religion in Egypt in Late Antiquity (1:15-2:15)
Chair: Anthony Sciubba (Emory University)
David Ratzan, New York University, “Voodoo Economics: Law, Magic, and Economics in Roman Egypt”
Cassandra Casias, Emory University, "Virgins and Politics in Athanasius' Egypt"
Timothy Teeter, Georgia Southern University, “The Cult of St. Thekla in Egypt and P. Berl. Inv. 21368”

BREAK (2:15-2:30)

Panel 7-Alexander’s Afterlife (2:30-5:00)
Chair:  Lindsay Adams (University of Utah)
Daniel Beckman, Princeton University, “The Parallel Afterlives of Alexander in Iran”
Fred Naiden, UNC Chapel Hill, “Alexander and the Sages: A Hebrew Version”
Sviatoslav Dmitriev, Ball State University, “Rhetorical images of Alexander under the Roman Empire: evidence from progymnasmata and declamations”

BREAK (3:45-5:00)

Timothy Schum, Emory University, “The Two-Horned One: Alexander in Islamic Literary and Religious Tradition”
Jeanne Reames, University of Nebraska Omaha, “Alexander and Hephaistion in Fiction after Stonewall”

Business Meeting (5:00-6:00)

Shuttle to Emory Conference Center (after business meeting)

6:30: Drinks/reception (Silverbell Pavilion)
7:00: Bonna Wescoat, “Negotiating Sacred Terrain in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace”
Banquet (Silverbell Pavilion)