Thursday, May 5, 2016

2:00: Tranportation leaves Hotel Murano for the Preconference workshop

2:30-4:30 pm:  Pre-Conference workshop on the use of tools for Digital Humanities. (Wyatt Hall 209)
The workshop will primarily focus on tools for mapping, visualizing networks, and 3D imagery.  There is no additional fee to attend the workshop, but pre-registration is required.

4:45: Buses leave Hotel Murano
5:00-7:00 pm:  Opening Reception, University Club, University of Puget Sound (1302 N. Alder St.)

Registration packets available at the Reception

7:00: Buses return to Hotel Murano

Friday, May 6, 2016

All sessions take place in the Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall

7:30 am: Buses leave Hotel Murano
7:45 am:  Coffee and pastries available
Registration packets available

8:15-10:15: Session I - Ancient Mathematics and Science

Eunsoo Lee (Stanford University): Reductio ad Absurdum in Euclid’s Elements: How Euclid compiled propositions

Willis Monroe (Brown University): The Micro-zodiac: An Astrological Compendium in Hellenistic Babylonia

Elizabeth Hamm (St. Mary’s College): Mechanical, Philosophical, and Mathematical Thinking in Ptolemaic Astronomy

Richard Talbert (UNC-Chapel Hill): Latitude and Worldview: The Evidence from Roman Portable Sundials


10:15-10:30:  Coffee Break


10:30-12:30: Session II - Gender in Roman Historiography

Zachary Herz (Columbia University): Roman Same-Sex Marriage and the ‘Feminine Mystique’

Caitlin Gillespie (Temple University): Talk Like a Man: Oratory as Gendered Rivalry in the Late Republic

Eric Parks (Providence College): Lessons in Moderation: Agrippina and the Trial of Silius and Sosia

Julie Langford (University of South Florida): Good women and bad men: Gendering Empresses’ Advice to Emperors


12:30-1:45 pm:  Lunch Break

Lunchtime workshop on “Increasing Diversity in the Ancient History Classroom”

Lekha Shupak, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Michael Benitez, Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, University of Puget Sound
Liv Yarrow, Brooklyn College

1:45-3:45: Session III - Art as a Historical Source

Bridget Sandhoff (University of Nebraska Omaha): Not the Classical Ideal: The Sporty Female Body in Etruscan Art

Liv Mariah Yarrow (Brooklyn College): Mass Production and Markers of Identity: A Prolegomenon to the Study of Glass Pastes in the Roman Republic

Joseph Kurz (Brown University): Numismatic Iconographies as Reflections of Cultural Imperial Interaction in Carthaginian Spain

Rachael Goldman (The College of New Jersey): The Social and Cultural Life of Jewish Freed Slaves in the Roman Empire


3:45-4:00:  Coffee Break


4:00-5:30: Session IV - Slavery in the Ancient World

Deborah Kamen (University of Washington): Sexuality and manumission of maidservants

Jeffrey Stevens (University of Missouri): Breaking the Chains of Servitude: Roman Spectacle, Performance, and the Epigraphic Reclamation of Identity in an Arena of ‘Social Death’

William Owens (Ohio University):  An Argument for the Existence of an Ancient Slave Narrative (of a Sort)

5:30: Buses return to Hotel Murano


Saturday, May 7, 2016

All sessions take place in the Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall

7:45 am: Buses leave Hotel Murano
8:00 am:  Coffee and pastries available

8:30-10:00: Session V - Popular Protest and Popular Violence in Ancient World

Aaron L. Beek (Massey University): Military Protests and Mutinies in the Republic

Kathryn Steed (Carleton College): Popular Memory and Popular Protest: The Case of Amatius

Jonathan S. Perry (University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee): ‘Toil and Trouble’: Popular Demonstration and Official Response in the Ephesian ‘Bakers’ Strike’


10:00-10:15:  Coffee Break


10:15-12:45: Session VI -  Geographies of the Roman Empire
Andrew Riggsby (University of Texas at Austin):  How to Think about Maps

Jason Morris (University of Leicester): Forma Facta Est: Agrimensores and the Power of Geography in the Roman World

Charles Bartlett (Harvard University): Imperialism and Fiscal Administration

Michele Renee Salzman (University of California, Riverside): Regionalization of Elites:  Geography and the Decline and Fall of the Western Roman Empire of the Fifth Century


12:45-2:00: Lunch Break


2:00-3:30: Session VII: Space and Interstate Interaction

Eliza Gettel (Harvard University): Metageographies of Roman history: provincia versus koinon.

Patrick Kent (Michigan State University): Geography, Memory, and International Politics in the Pyrrhic War

Nikolaus Leo Overtoom (Louisiana State University): Evolving Perceptions of Space and Geography during the Third Mithridatic War


3:30-3:45: Break

3:45-4:30: Business Meeting

4:30 pm: Buses return to Hotel Murano 

6:00-10:00 pm Closing Reception, Lecture and Banquet at the Museum of Glass (1801 Dock St.)
The Museum is a 10-minute walk or 2 stops on the free downtown light rail/ Directions will be provided in the registration packet.

7:00 Bonnie Wright will speak on “Nineteen Centuries of Ancient Glass”
Bonnie Wright is Curator of Education and Community Engagement at the Museum of Glass.  She earned a B.A. in Classics from Bucknell University and an M.A. in Classical Archaeology from Florida State University.